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Free Pet(s)

I know this is really besides the point of anything here, but if anyone here or anywhere is interested in pet rats, please leave a comment and contact info maybe. I have a litter of 11 babies, a mix of boys and girls. They are PET rats, not for snake feeding because that offends me, and I need to find nice homes for them. They have black heads and a black stripe down their backs. Otherwise, some are also brown (like their mother :D). Please help me out if you can and tell all of your friends and anyone who is interested!!

P.S. I live in the Bay Area in California, so there is the complication :( Leave your AIM sn if you really can take a few!!!

Thank you again to anyone that can help <3333333

<3 your lazy mod that will be back to mod'ing soon

Just kidding, that is over and done with :DDDDDD
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