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From An Aspiring Awedth

Just on the surface:
1. Name: LisaMarie
2. Date of Birth: June 29th, 1986
3. Currently residing at: Garden City, New York

Things I like:
4. Music: Music is a passion of mine, and I'll listen to just about anything. I am the first chair oboe player of my wind ensemble, and I listen to classical music to enhance my playing abilities. The type of music that I listen to most is SKA. My favorite ska bands include: Sublime, Reel Big Fish, and Catch 22. I also listen to Matchbox Twenty, Coldplay, Dispatch, and Dave Matthews Band often.
5. Movies: I am a fan of comedy. My favorite movies are: Office Space, Caddyshack, Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, Spaceballs, etc. And, like the rest of the world, I also enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter occasionally.
6: Hangouts: I don't "hang out" places, I "go out" with my friends. We go into New York City and dance at clubs or go out to dinner, etc.. While I am not a mall rat, I do enjoy keeping myself clean looking and in style, so my friends and I do spend a good amount of time at the mall or local outlet centers. My favorite place to be, however, is at Maritime College with my boyfriend. His college is surrounded completely by water, and we sit out on the docks with a blanket and enjoy a picturesque sunset...however trite that may sound.
7. Books: I love to read. Here's my top ten list: 10. Anna Karenina 9. Heart of Darkness 8. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn 7. Where is Joe Merchant? 6. Great Expectations 5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 4. The Fountainhead 3. Pride and Prejudice 2. Catcher in the Rye 1. Atlas Shrugged...and there's still so much more!
8. Place(s) to be: Rome, on the docks at Maritime with Jon, under my covers with a book during a thunderstorm, out with my friends, on a sailboat on a summer's evening
9. Food(s): Spaghetti and Marinara sauce, any type of fish, OYSTERS, Mussels, Clams. I'm not too picky. I'm grateful for what my family puts on my plate and I'll eat it as long as its not meatloaf or meatballs.
10. Slang and phrases that I use on a normal basis (online and in person): Shut up!, Go for it, Holy crap, How about no?, Jesus!...I speak normally aside from my random interjections.

More than just skin deep (you have a lot of explaining to do in this section):
11. What I plan on doing with the rest of my life: I would like to be an archaeologist. I have a passion for learning about ancient people and cultures. I've been studying latin and greek since the 6th grade and have a concentration of studies in the Egyptian culture as of my high school career. I would really be content with the rest of my life if I could travel the world digging things up, regardless of the money it paid.
12. Whom I admire, and why: There is no one person I admire. I admire so many different people for so many different reasons. My dad is an amazing person. He has provided for me for the past seventeen years with his Chiropractic practice, and through all that, he has always made time for me. I admire his flexibility and strength and successfulness. I admire my mother for having the patience to sit with me through every point in my life: the bad ones, the good ones, and all the ones in between. I admire my boyfriend, Jon, for showing me that unconditional love is not a fairy tale that won't ever happen. And I admire my biological mother for having the strength to find me this wonderful family that I know and love.
14. A person that I care deeply for, and why: My boyfriend Jon. I am a hopeless romantic, and this boy has given me everything I've ever wanted and more. He listens to me. Thats why I care so deeply for him. Every gift he's ever given me, place we've went out, word he's said just indicates that he listens intently. I do not feel that there is any greater sign of love than to listen because in listening you learn just who it is that you're with. He's been listening to me and I've been loving him for the past 2 1/2 years, and I hope that there are many more to come.
15. Someone that made a big impact on my life, and how: My best friend MK. There's nothing more to say than this: she's crazy. MK is actually the craziest person I've ever met in my life, and I do not find myself having fun with anyone else. She takes me to "the bars" and brings me to "the clubs." She's the type of girl who'll show up at your house to pick you up at 11:30 at night expecting you dressed and ready to party. She opened me up to people and helped me to realize that just because I can't drink does not mean that I can't party and have fun. She's truly my best friend.
16. Something that pisses me off, and why: People who chew with their mouths open. It seems like a crazy thing to have piss a person off, but I was brought up with a great respect for good food and drink. I believe that whatever greater being put us on this earth gave us food and drink to taste and savor not to listen to.
17. Something that makes my day better, and why: 10 pm. My day approaching 10 pm makes me feel better. At that time, Jon gives me my last call of the day as I curl under my down comforter and close my eyes. No matter how hard my day has been, this is always a placid moment.

All’s Fair in Love & War:
18. Marital Status: In love and still falling.
19. Attractive qualities I seek in the opposite sex: Lips. I love men with full lips. Full lips represent passion and romance. A set of full lips is the single sexiest quality a man of mine has. After the lips, I look for a man with big beautiful eyes. Green eyes, to be exact.
20. Repulsive qualities that I stumble upon: people eating with their mouths open, people who, after using my car, forget to put the seat and mirrors back where they were, and people who talk out of their asses (we are given certain cognitive abilities for a reason)
21. The best looking person/celebrity is: Heath Ledger and Carey Elwes.

My Personal Opinions On:
22. Love at first sight: I dont believe in it. I think love is based on trust and an understanding of who a person is. I dont believe you can look at a person and understand where they've been and who they are when no one's watching and their likes and dislikes. Its just impossible.
23. A girl being older than the guy in a relationship: I've never dated a younger guy, but I dont have qualms about it. One of my friends is dating a guy who's four years younger than her and they're the cutest couple I know.
24. Divorce: While I hope I never have to go through it, I accept it as a part of life. Some people fall out of love. I believe in soulmates, and I believe that when someone gets divorced it is just because they havent found their soulmate yet.
25. Which animal would you be and why: I'd be a tiger. I am a beautiful creature who uses her "power" to her advantage. I go after what I want.
26. Pirating software and music: I dont think that it's a bad thing. I have a good amount of CDs, and I give back to the artist. However, I like to sample the music before I buy it, and that's what I download music for. I dont think it's a bad thing.
27. Your future occupation (not your dream job, but what you really feel you can do) and why: A college classics professor. I really enjoy the whole subject matter, and I feel that I have a lot of knowledge and passion to share with students. I would really enjoy being a professor.
28. Favorite book and why: Well, while atlas shrugged was my number one, I am not reevaluating and I'm going to say that Catcher in the Rye is my favorite book. I feel that it conveys the idea of "being in between" quite well. As a teenager, you are too young to drink and too old to play with dolls. You are caught in between the responsibilities of adulthood and the immaturity of childhood, and I enjoy that book greatly.
29. Minority religions: I find minority religions to be interesting. I am agnostic and searching for a religion that suits my own personal beliefs. I find that certain minority religions offer me suitable answers to my spiritual questions.
30. Finally, where did you find out about this community? : A friend of mine is a member of a few communities. She suggested that I join one, and when I did my community search, the awedths seemed appealing.
Any one mandatory photo and any other optional ones:
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