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Somebody Take Me Back To The Angel Realm Today...

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hey guys! It has been a long time. Sorry was on hiatus for hellah months. It was just that hellah people had school stuff to do :( and it was really hard for a lot of people I am sure. WEll my senior year is coming to an end and pretty soon I am gonna be off to college. School ends may 14th <3 yay! then college woop woop~

So now I am bringing the community to life. Since I have pretty much nothing to do these days. I am gonna watch over the community on a daily basis and I have already done a NEW LAYOUT.
I hope you guys like it. ALSO if anyone could do me a favor. I havent stamped anybody for a long time. But the last time I checked all the recent applicants had much positive votes. PLEASE comment to this post and add your link to your original post and I will make sure personally that i stamp each one of you. Accepted members please check the info page to see if your name has been added to the "Accepted member list." If not, feel free to leave a comment and I will do that for you.

OFF YOU GO and start bringing people in <3 pretty soon I am gonna try to send out personal messages to u all to say that the community is now operational.

ok bye

your super cool mod

PS venna you gotta come back yo`
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